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Bone Graft Dr. Yatin Khanna DDS

When attempting to place a dental implant in your mouth we may sometimes discover that bone loss has occurred on the site of a potential implant. Bone loss in the mouth can occur as a result of several factors including, periodontal disease or infection.

Fortunately, Dr. Khanna, has a solution. Our dentists can fill in the gaps and replace the missing bone in a process known as bone grafting. With bone grafting your dentist can widen or heighten the site of your implant and fill in all types of defects caused by tooth loss or extraction.

Whenever possible we'll extract bone directly from the patient. However, we can also utilize “bottled bone” from other sources when necessary.

As with any other dental procedure Dr. Yatin Khanna DDS performs, you can expect that your grafting will be undertaken with the highest degree of care and professionalism and that you'll be consulted on every facet of the operation. Once bone has been restored to the appropriate areas you will be fully prepared to receive any necessary implants and improve your dental health.

If you feel you're a candidate for dental bone grafts, call us and schedule an appointment today!