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Lost A Tooth: Find Teeth In An Hour

Still having the problem of a lost tooth, it is high time you lose it. With so many advancements in the coming dental technologies, it would become hard for you to choose, when a variety of options will be available. The most basic and primitive option is of the dentures. The process is a phenomenon that used to happen a long time ago. Today, no one prefers dentures. With the coming of age technologies, you don’t need to suffer the pains that are involved with the usage of dentures. This is a “teeth in an hour” process.

Go for a brand new concept today. Go for a hybrid tooth replacement that has been brought in consumer’s interest by Nobel Biocare. Nobel Biocare has been working on the above protocol for the benefit of the patients suffering with a lost tooth. Nobel biocare incorporates the best of CAD/CAM and couples it with precise diagnostics generated by 3 dimensional imaging.

If one has lost an entire arch of the tooth, the All on Four concept helps in finding solutions. This is also known as Teeth in an hour because this complete process consumes just an hour. All on 4 concept helps in replacing the entire arch. In this, the treatment consists of a titanium framework. This titanium framework is customized and while one is using All on 4 concept, this custom milled titanium framework which attaches some rock solid implants strategically. All on 4 concept hence helps in the replacement of the entire tooth arch.

This is a process that takes only an hour or so. Hence, opt for this teeth in an hour proceeding and your entire jaw will seem to be new. This process of bringing teeth in an hour is done in a way that the originality of the mouth remains there.